This year, the Optimist Club adopted the  Wyle's Christmas Family as  Mrs. Wyle is ill with 4  children. 

The Optimist club was joined by the Business Support Center group, the Rene Bussell Admin group, and the purchasing group to donate money and buy gifts from the kids Christmas wish list.

One of the children from the Wyle family wished for a 3DS.  We contacted the mother and asked if she would mind if the 3DS was gently used and she had no problem with that at all. Upon sharing the family's situation with  the 8 year old son of one of our members, he eagerly offered his 3 dsxl for donation. 

Through this event, 4 huge trash bags of presents including a small present for the mother were delivered.  A special thanks go out to Brandy and the entire Wyle Staff!

If you would like to find out how to help contribute for the Optimist programs like this, please contact us.